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Cumberland Recycling Corporation is a full service recycling facility for ferrous & non-ferrous metals situated on its thirty acre site in Millville, New Jersey. Its Vineland, New Jersey recycling center processing plant for cardboard and other recyclable paper products is located on a seventeen acre site in Vineland, New Jersey with a twelve acre rail transportation depot center for future transportation needs.

Cumberland Recycling Corporation has been family owned and operated since 1954, when it was known as 'Luciano Brothers Company', and incorporated to become 'Cumberland Recycling Corporation' in 1974.

Its inception saw the beginning of a recycling company which would thrive, change with the times, and be awarded many prestigious awards. It started with one paper baling press, a few trucks, one being an antiquated boom truck used to install wood, steel trusses when it was building its own warehouses, and a truck scale to weigh vehicles on.

In a few years it acquired another paper baling machine and in the early 1960's a state of the art automobile baling machine was also added. Now, with our second and third generation of family ownership and management, and valued long term employees, we operate the most modern and technologically advanced scrap processing recycling facilities in New Jersey. Another new addition was a portable car crusher which was used to flatten automobiles. As time went on. seeing a need for higher production of its steel products, a portable hydraulic shear was added to its fleet of equipment that would enable the company to process steel to meet steel mill specifications. Then in 1991 it took a giant step by purchasing and implementing a fully automatic state of the art automobile and steel shredding machine of which is capable of shredding over five hundred automobiles a day into softball size pieces ready for steel mill consumption. The shredding machine also sorts all of the non-ferrous metals from the steel as well as the non metallic such as glass, plastic, foam, cloth and dirt.

Cumberland Recycling has a nine hundred ton stationary Guillotine Shear put in operation in 2005 to further process its heavy steel products, ensure quality control of its steel products, and to further help its processing needs which will in turn help its customers with higher prices by means of more efficient processing.

Cumberland Recycling is and has always been known in the recycling industry for the quality scrap it offers to its aluminum, non-ferrous and steel mill consumers.

To answer the question of what we buy: we buy all ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as junk automobiles, sheet metal, appliances, structural steel I beams, cast iron, railroad track, farm equipment, industrial scrap which is a by-product of the metal-working industry, and any type of old obsolete scrap. The importance of our quality standards is to insure the scrap we process, buy and sell to the steel mills is of the highest quality, as in today's standards everyone wishes to get the most bang for his buck.

Cumberland Recycling also has its own fleet of trucks to ship its scrap as well as its own railroad siding to load rail cars for long haul shipments to the north, south and western areas of the United States. The company's transportation network includes equipment such as tractor-trailer trucks with dump trailers, enclosed van trailers, flatbed trailers, lowboy trailers, roll-off container trucks with over 600 hundred containers serving our customers.

The company also operates its own maintenance and parts facility that often works long hours around the clock to meet the demanding schedules of production, transportation of its scrap to steel mills that depend on timely deliveries and being able to meet the needs of its customers to pick up their scrap promptly.

Cumberland's Vineland based paper recycling facility operates a Harris Centurion baler to process all types of paper and cardboard for domestic and export consumption.

The Centurion baler also is used to bale the companies aluminum cans, various grades of aluminum scrap, copper scrap, aluminum-copper radiators and automobile radiators. Each of Cumberland's facilities has its own seventy foot truck scale capable of weighing trucks and equipment up to 160,000 pounds.

Cumberland Recycling would go on to become a full service recycling facility which buys, sells, and brokers its products directly to steel mills, aluminum smelters and other end users.

The recycling company believes that it is its duty to give back to the community and has given tours to school children aiding in their knowledge of recycling. Other community services it provides are the shredding of weapons under the county's police supervision that were confiscated for various reasons. It also has a program in place with surrounding fire departments for their firefighters and new recruits to train on semi-crushed vehicles it provides for them to use the Jaws of Life, which are used to extricate people from automobiles that have been involved in serious accidents.

Cumberland Recycling's goal is to be as versatile and competitive as possible, enabling the company to become one of the finest recycling companies in the state of New Jersey, while always keeping in mind the necessity to operate environmentally sound, with the highest standards of environmental controls in place at all times.

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